il_570xN.1002615186_bm3wI thought it would tell you about my Etsy Shop, and how I started on my love of crafting. My mom loved to sew, crochet, cross stitch etc. She would work on crafts with my brother, my sister and myself. She would do crafts for the kids in children’s church and VBS.

I caught the crafting bug and worked on projects with her. When I got married and started having kids crafting went to the wayside. Then I was forced to stop working because of neuropathy pain. My kids were growing up and didn’t need me so much.

I was becoming very bored and depressed. Then my hubby reminded me. He said “didn’t you like to do crafts with your mom?” Then I thought about how we worked on a doll house together and I loved miniatures.

That is where it all started. I went on from miniatures to wanting to make jewelry. I started to research and learn about different jewelry types and techniques and materials. I always loved beads, yarns, different colored and textured materials, ribbons, cords etc.

That is when I discovered Kumihimo. Although other cultures made braids similar, the Japanese Kumihimo caught my interest. It means “gathered threads” or “braided cords” and was a technique used by Japanese people a long time ago. They would make belts for their kimono clothing, for button closures, ornamental braids for hair decorations, religious items and even for the battle gear worn by the mighty Samurai warriors. I was so curious and excited waiting for my first disk and instructions. I found an awesome seller on eBay. It seemed complicated but I knew I could learn.

This began my love of Kumihimo, beading and making many different kinds of jewelry. Many times when people look at the Kumihimo jewelry they don’t realize how much work goes into making, for example one necklace. It is made with 8 or more individual cords, silks, yarns etc. Then I weave them together adding beads, and closures to finish each completely unique,  and one of a kind piece of jewelry. This is why customization is possible and completely unique.

I hope you enjoyed my introduction to my main product in my shop. I plan on posting some tutorials of Kumihimo projects so we can make some projects together ❤. And I can pass my love of Kumihimo on.



“Never Give Up”


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