How do I Deal with Every Day Stress?

2013-06-20 13.28.20I don’t know how my fellow fibro warriors handle stress but I’m really struggling. I know it’s a lot to handle. My son, who I mentioned before, with special needs is 7 years old. He was born very premature and only weighed 1lb 2oz. That’s insane to me. He is a fighter but he ended up coming home 7 months after he was born. He came home with a trach and ventilator. He had a g-tube, feeding pump, oxygen concentrator etc.

It was seven hard but very rewarding years and I’m so thankful to God that he is doing a lot better. He only has the g-tube left, he eats by mouth (although we feed him) and he is generally in a good mood. I know I have a lot to be thankful for and I am. He is a good boy. He is generally happy and easy going. He doesn’t throw fits and is very lovable giving hugs and kisses (well he lets us give him kisses). I only struggle with how big he’s getting, the fact he is still in diapers and he doesn’t talk. He doesn’t know how to defend himself and he is way too trusting.

He is going to start school soon and I’m so scared. It is a good program ABA, and I know it can really help him, but he can’t tell me what happened in his day. He can’t tell me if someone hurt him. He will have someone One on one but it’s so hard to trust someone I don’t know. How do I handle all this stress!

I love my baby boy so very much. Just like all of my kids, 5 in total. I couldn’t imagine my life without them. I’m so honored that God allowed me to be their mother and raise them. I couldn’t have done it without my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



“Never give up ‘

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